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MINI-PTZ-12X / Mini PTZ Dome 12X Without WDR

Product Description

• Amazingly small and powerful PTZ
• Integrated and convenience installation structure.
• Built-in zoom with 100 times (12x optical, 12 x digital).
• Resolution: 500TVL/570TVL
• Illumination: 0.02Lux.
• Pan 360°,Tilt 90°continuously rotation with auto-flip, humanize focus and speed proportion.
• 128 presets (titles can be set), 4 tours;
8 programmable zones (titles can be set);
4 pattern, each record time is more than 180 seconds;
4 scan, support camera scanning repeatly between right limit and left limit at an appointed speed.
• Built-in OSD menu, can change information and parameter of dome through menu,
also can set and call presets, tour, scan, pattern, camera mode and display name etc.
• Park action function, can auto-call presets or start-up tour, pattern,
scan and display areas after dome idle for a period of time.
• Screen will display pan/ tilt position, zoom etc.
• Communication: RS485/SDLC/COAX.
• IP66 all-day defend cover.
• Built-in TVS1500W lightning-proof, surge-proof and wave-proof.

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